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All Star
Cheer Portland Class and Teams

All Star Cheer

All Star Cheer Portland Class and Teams

Portland’s Empire Athletics Cheer is now enrolling athletes of all ages and skill levels for competitive teams! Our Instructors and athletes understand the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the will to win. Athletes who are elite cheerleaders or even beginners with little or no training, we have a team for YOU!

Three Program Levels

Our All Star Teams focus on mastering gymnastic and acrobatic moves. We utilize all the elements of a cheerleading routine including jumps, stunts, tumbling and dance. Empire Athletics welcomes all athletes ages 5-18.

All Star Novice

We offer short-term novice programs! geared on the seasons, summer/winter/spring! Novice teams will do 3-4 month programs and have the opportunity to exhibition/perform at events, showcases and possible local high school competitions!

All Star Prep

Prep is a great introduction into competitive cheerleading without the large commitment of elite level teams! Practice is 1.5 hours per week plus an included tumbling class! Prep teams will only compete at local (Portland) Competitions!

All Star Elite

All-Star Elite is a bigger time commitment due to the competitiveness of this division. They will practice 2-3 times per week for up to 2-3 hours per practice (depending on age/level). Teams will compete locally (no flying) at 8 all-star competitions, and potentially at the summit (Orlando, FL) or US Finals (Las Vegas, NV), based on bid(s) received and at the discretion of the coaching and gym staff.