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Corsicana Private

Corsicana Private Classes

At Empire Athletics CTA we strive to create an atmosphere of encouragement, support and growth. No matter your age or skill set we have a class that will fit your needs and where you want to go. With our highly trained and certified staff we can help you reach your goals with tumbling! We have all started from the beginning so let us help you start or continue your journey into the tumbling world. Try your first class for free and see what we are all about!

What We Need To Know

  1. Age of person needing privates
  2. Is the person needing the private a male or female
  3. Length of Private (30 or 60 minutes)
  4. What is the reason for the private?

(Examples: To learn back handspring, wanting to get ready to tryout for school cheer, or maybe this person does better in a one-on-one setting and just wants to progress in skills.)

Our Private Instructors at CTA

Corsicana Tumbling Athletics is blessed with some of the most talented athletes when it comes to tumbling and cheerleading. They are all very experienced in not only performing elite skills, but also teaching, and instructing all ages of people wanting to progress in skills!

We will make sure to match you up with the instructor that is best for you!


$35 For 30 Minutes

$65 For 60 Minutes

When Would I be Able to Schedule a Private?

We are very flexible when scheduling privates at CTA! A private can be scheduled any day of the week or weekend! As long as the day and time works for your instructor, then its a go! You will schedule your private directly with the instructor assigned to you.